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The Virtue of Unapologetic Honesty: Jenny Slate’s Stage Fright

Recently I discovered something wonderful: Jenny Slate’s Netflix comedy special Stage Fright. “It’s playful, it’s personal, it’s perfectly Jenny,” tells us the trailer, and oh yes, it is all this. But most of all, it comes across as being unapologetically honest. Now see me try (and fail) to do justice to it in something like […]


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The First and The Last

Essays aiming to examine the opening scene, shot or line of a film, chapter or line of a book, verse of a poem or song, or the first episode of a series and compare it to the last scene, shot, line, chapter, verse or episode.

Literary Analysis

I take a look at some classics and analyse characters, theme and symbols, language, or really anything else.

Something Like An Essay

This is exactly as clueless as it sounds

Analysis of Something Oddly Specific

Have you ever wondered about a seemingly meaningless detail in one of your favourite TV shows or movies? No? Well, chances are I have so I’m here anyway interpreting the shit out of it.

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